Start a blog, they said.


Start a blog…go’ll enjoy it.  It will be a great creative outlet, they said. Something to sink your teeth into.  A reason to use the camera, they said. Do some writing.  Have some time to yourself, they said.

Yeah yeah yeah.  But why would people be interested in our goings ons?

We’ve always had the ‘ Can do not, Can can’t’ attitude since having children.  Having two is a bit trickier.  (Please don’t wish three or four onto me.  I know great mums with three or four kids but, I don’t think I have it in me. Most days I feel like a one armed woman drowning.) But, I’ve struggled getting this seemingly simple blog off the ground.

I’ve questioned if I want to share where we are, what we’re doing, how we’re doing.  The exposure, even to friends and family, seems too much.  The inevitable, is this the right thing to do? Is this the wrong thing to do?  I’ve procrastinated and wasted energy.

With a nudge in the direction of Blog with Pip, facilitated by the chatty, craft-ing, community-making, funky inspiring Pip from Meet Me at Mikes ( it became clear.

Yes, I would really, really like to give blogging a go.

But…..Oh me, oh my, I’m out of my league!  I can write.  Well, I think I can write (cue the imperfect perfectionist being egged on by her Inner Critic…note to self, explore this more for a *yippee* future blog post).  But seriously, the last time I did coding or, computer programming it was a little turtle named Logo.

At some point in the last couple of years, I’ve gone from quite competent using the interweb and navigating my way around a computer to….what is a plug-in? RSS? a SEO? Who is widget?

Then, there was a break through.  A podcast.  Sparta Chicks Radio’s ( Jen in conversation with Tanya Geisler on the ’12 lies of the Imposter Complex’.  This is it.  I think I’m an imposter.

So I listen to that little voice, I tell myself the ‘lies’ or untruths in order not to step over the edge and go do something new and uncomfortable. Yet possibly, wonderful.

I want this to be good.  Not great but, good enough.  I want this project to look like the blogs I like (until my photography and graphics skills improve I may continue to be wanting but I can work on that).  I want my voice to sound to others as I hear it.  I’m not an authority in anything but my own life.  *Please don’t tell DSX.  He’s still small enough to believe otherwise.

And so, I’m needing to take a preliminary plunge.  Taking the blog from private to public.  Beginning somewhere.

Beginning here.

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