No Bake Coconut Rough and No Bake Peppermint Slice

After I wrote the ‘Anti-Cranky’ post, I had a moment to actually make some slice.  Really, we were invited to a barbeque that overtired children and a true lack of wanting to socialise on a Saturday night meant that we didn’t go to. But, we did have slice.  Win!

I like recipes that are quick, easy and I know what goes into them.  If its a sweet treat, like these, I like them to be no bake, raw, fridge only.  Quicker, easier and no explaining sunken middles, half a cake stuck in a cake tin or burnt offerings. Collect the bits, blitz them, spread or roll them, put them in the fridge.  Viola! Slice, Rollie-Pollies, museli bar slice.  Done.

I’m a slow up-taker of technology so the majority (all) of my recipes are either in actual cook books or, I have hand written notes in random note-books or, bits of paper piled on top of the microwave or,  scraps of paper magneted to the fridge. I love a good food magazine (with recipes in them not just fancy photography) and I’m partial to Jamie Oliver’s more recent recipe offerings.

This ‘Coconut Rough’ might have been a recipe on Taste or but, I can’t remember. This recipe has a number of iterations in my house.  It really depends on what ingredients I have on hand hence, a version 2.  No one in our house has any nut allergies but please keep in mind anyone you share with might not be as tolerant.

All of the measures are intended to be roughly, sort of, just about what you need but with room to experiment.   Keep an eye on the base as it can be crumbly.  If I was a more diligent recipe developer (which I am not) I’d figure out just which element makes it glue together.  Some days its perfect, others its crumbly.  Go figure?

coconut rough

The Peppermint Slice we first had in Umina when on an exploratory Central Coast long weekend.  I spent ages trialling different combinations trying to find one that most replicated that experience.  This is not quite as mushy moist as the one we had in Umina but, its close. Again, I have a recurring theme of crumbly bases but it really doesn’t matter.  It is rich and tastes the bomb!

You might start to notice a theme….the bases and icings are more or less the same, but the middle makes the difference.

nobake peppermint slice

Enjoy blitzing and tasting!

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