If I learned anything in 2017

The back half of 2017 was hard for our family.  If I can’t take some learning from it and embrace 2018 differently, I’m not using the insight I have for its best purpose.

The most important lessons I learned in 2017 are:

2018-01-27 17-2123057296..jpg

Hug the ones you love.

Tell them they’re important to you. A wise friend once told me, there are people in your life for reasons, seasons and lifetimes.  Accept that even if you love someone, if they don’t love you back, you need to let them go and know it is time.  And it is O.K.

sad trees.jpg

Being sad is O.K.

Sadness is normal.   Maybe in striving for a life of ‘happy’, we don’t recognise the happy we have is ‘enough’.  ‘Happy’ and ‘sad’ are the flip sides of the same coin.

Sadness is just as valuable as being in a place of contentment.   Don’t miss out on the happy times in case sad strikes.

Happy ‘enough’ is happy.


Picture Credit Simply Pure Photography


I’m proudest of my family.

That slowly, we are moving closer to living a life we truly cherish and not just ‘do’.

Our actions, our words and our dreams support, uplift and hold each other tight.  We’re in this together.

I am proud that the relationship with my husband and children is my safe place.

I am proud that we can say that ‘Cranky time’ is our happy time.


In 2017, I gave up trying to have a Home Beautiful house and garden.  I keep the floors, bathroom and kitchen clean.  I have baskets of clean washing that need to be put away.  I have help once a fortnight for two hours to clean the house because anyone who has tried to clean the house with two little people in tow will know the definition of madness.


I give up worrying what people think of me.

I am a great mum. I’m as good a best friend as I can be. I get tired. I mess up. I love my boys with all my heart and maybe even more. I back myself.

I will give up comparing my body to others. I have no idea what the perfect body is but two healthy children later and a couple of adventures with scenic views later suggests my body is perfect for me.  Congratulations if you can fit in your Size 10 jeans using the no fat, no carb, no sugar, no salt, no pasta, ‘bowl of air’ whole body overhaul.  I have to put on my tights because I have a date with a coffee and a piece of cake and I’m going to ENJOY it.



Remind me when I’m not so tired that the ‘give ups’ are really the mess that I embrace.  They are the mess that is my wonderful life.


If 2017 has taught me anything it is that 2018 will be filled with

more sleep,

more music,

more cups of tea,

more books (of course),

more sunrises,

more creating,

more long walks,

more laughter,

more hugs,

more dreaming,

more road trips,

more play,

more fun

and more love.





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