Welcome to Hybrid Home Schooling

If your children are maintaining a normal school routine, Great!

If you have pre-emptively made the choice to keep your children and family together at this time, Good.On.You

If you have your children at home due to school closures, Good.On.You for adapting to being thrown in the deep end without much notice.

Welcome to your experience of “Hybrid Homeschooling”.

There are plenty of experienced Home Educating families (just like me) who can help you navigate your Home School experience alongside your local school and the teachers you know and love.


Everyone’s experience will be different. Please remember, this won’t look like ‘school’. It’s ok to be as busy or as “lazy” as you want right now. It might take a while to find your groove and what works best for your family.
Maths book over breakfast? Fine. Nature journal in the backyard? Brilliant. Slightly burnt bickies for morning tea? Perfect. A Bluey marathon? Excellent.

A timetable might make you feel better, lists are valuable but overall, focus on creating a home environment in which kids can learn easily and naturally all.the.time.

This is an anxious time.
You don’t ‘have to’ add “school” or something that looks like it to your day.
Take your foot off the accelerator- find your groove and the learning will come.

The Learning Table. 24/7 access to learning invitations and opportunities

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