My plea in this change

In Australia right now there is huge uncertainty and upheaval. This upheaval permeates our days. We’ve survived droughts, bushfires, floods and now, a pandemic of unknown bounds.

With the uncertainty surrounding adults places of work staying open or not, what is or is not an “essential service” there is also stress around the practical and bureaucratic decisions to close schools or leave them open. Homeschool as a term is rating high on Google Trends.

Before we collectively jump the gun and say, “But I can’t teach my child/ren at home”, There a bigger things to worry about.

My plea in this time of change is to pause. Please. I beg you.

Please, start by having a break.

Children learn from watching their adults. So how you respond now will inform them in how they are expected to react now and in the face of any unexpected event in the future.

Please. Have a break.

Consider this school holidays come early. Consider this New South Wales and Victoria finally aligning their school breaks (I’m writing this is 7am so this may change over the course of the day). So go into holiday mode.

The anxiety is in the air. No doubt you, as the adult, and a new version of day to day life. So are our kids. You may or may not be rearranging your home to accommodate work from home. Do all of that first well before you start worrying about “school from home”.

If and, only if, the time comes that the school holidays finish and your children need to stay home to continue their education, deal with that then. Because right now, behind the scenes there are teachers, schools and tech people figuring out how to deliver your curriculum to your door.

Right now, please, bust out the picnic rug, go for a bike ride, have an Avengers marathon, find the UNO cards, make a cake together and have a staycation at home. Find a way to have fun and play everyday.

Please, consider this an opportunity. An opportunity to do things differently.

In the meantime, if you would like or need, assistance understanding or navigating class work that might be sent home for your child/ren I’m here along with many other teachers and experienced fulltime home educators, to help and support where I can.

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