The unspoken hybrid home school phenomenon

The Work-From-Home-School-From-Home-parents are the ones I'm worried about.

My plea in this change

In Australia right now there is huge uncertainty and upheaval. This upheaval permeates our days. We've survived droughts, bushfires, floods and now, a pandemic of unknown bounds. With the uncertainty surrounding adults places of work staying open or not, what is or is not an "essential service" there is also stress around the practical and... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Hybrid Home Schooling

If your children are maintaining a normal school routine, Great! If you have pre-emptively made the choice to keep your children and family together at this time, Good.On.You If you have your children at home due to school closures, Good.On.You for adapting to being thrown in the deep end without much notice. Welcome to your... Continue Reading →

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