We are Mum and Dad, two boys, a cat and a dog, a couple of horses, a farm, a caravan named Cranky, a touch of wanderlust and us.

Our seasons have come together and we have an opportunity. We are making a choice to honour the precious time we have with our children while they are young and break away from the expected day to day.

We love good food (and coffee!), good books for large and small. We love being outside and running off some energy, a good bushwalk or trailrun. Serenity (sanity) is where you find it. We like a good challenge but most of all, we love being together.

‘Cranky’ is our caravan.  As named by DSX when he was nigh on 2 years old.  Initially, we agreed.  ‘A couple of weeks cooped up in that thing and we’ll all be cranky’ quipped DHB, at the time thinking this caravan phase was just that, a phase.  But time has mellowed that view and instead, Cranky time and travelling is our Happy time.

And so, a blog.  A record of anecdotes, observations, travels, child wrangling, home school learning, exploring and breaking free.  A way for me to get out of my head and put down the thoughts that sometimes swirl.

Our highs might not be too high, our lows not too low but our in-betweens are just magic!

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